Academia de Bachata engages Dominican children with free, intensive instruction in their traditional music.


We partner with leading arts institutions to spread knowledge of Dominican musical culture worldwide.


Welcome to the World's first Bachata School

Teaching music through the local idiom and embracing local arts and culture helps to strengthen self-esteem at the community level.

By providing music education to its students and a safe place for them to flourish, Academia de Bachata aims to be a catalyst for social development.

The Opportunity

The Dominican Republic’s bachata music is having an outsized global impact and yet there is an opportunity to do more.


Despite its musical culture and the commercial success of its musical exports, the Dominican Republic had no educational programs focused on bachata and few opportunities for children to study music. 


Ours is the first and only bachata music program in the world.

Our Solution

We engage at-risk youth with a fun, culturally relevant music program that fosters personal growth, artistic expression, professionalism, and teamwork. Children that participate in music programs are seven times more likely to graduate from high school. The study of bachata instills self-confidence. Bachata’s global popularity means that graduates have an opportunity to build meaningful careers in music.

Our Impact

The over 100 students enrolled in our daily instrument and voice classes receive more than 28,000 hours of individual and small group instruction per year. 

Student bands perform throughout the DR, and have traveled to the US to perform 31 concerts and workshops attended by 7,500 children of US Schools.


10 advanced students are enrolled in teacher training, building capacity for future education.

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