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8 students selected for Berklee in Santo Domingo!

Academia de Bachata's partnership with Berklee College of Music will start 2023 in full swing. Berklee has selected eight Academia students for its 2023 launch of Berklee in Santo Domingo, an intensive weeklong music program to be held on January 9-14. The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic, The National Conservatory of Music in Santo Domingo and AES Dominicana. Learn more about Berklee in Santo Domingo here.

The qualifying students are:

Juan Luis Martínez (guitar)

Miguel Enrique Rivas Brito (bass)

Braylin Polanco (bass)

Raylin Cuevas (bass + guitar)

Jhon Marcos Robles Liriano (percussion)

Brayan Castillo (percussion)

Christopher Ortiz (percussion)

Emely Díaz Martínez (piano)

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