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New Hope - Positive Legacy partners with the Bachata Academy

We have wonderful news! Positive Legacy, a foundation dedicated to humanitarian cultural projects, has committed $19,000 to purchasing instruments for our Bachata and Kompa programs. Thank you Positive Legacy for helping to preserve the rich musical culture of the Dominican Republic and Hispaniola.

This generous gift allowed to buy brand new instruments and equipment such as:

• 32 guitars

• 3 pianos

• 1 synthesizer

• 7 instrument amps

• 1 digital console

• Congas and drum kit

• and much more!

Over the years, the Bachata Academy has nurtured talents, imparted musical education, and created a safe space where young boys and girls of diverse backgrounds can find inspiration in their shared passion for music.

Positive Legacy's partnership with the Bachata Academy furthers the cause of developing musical communities, fostering unity and preserving cultural heritage. By supporting the musical education in the Dominican Republic, Positive Legacy is planting seeds with profound benefits for the future of these youth and their communities.

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