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Five New Student Bachata Bands Debut

This year, Academia de Bachata has expanded from a single student ensemble band to a total of six bands. Our five new bands debuted on May 26th, with a concert to inaugurate Bachata Academy’s La Cienega campus, where they were welcomed by 100 local residents.

The bands are composed of students of all ages (from 7 to 18 years old). Each band is led by a Teacher’s Assistant responsible for daily classes and rehearsals. These TAs have trained in a multi-year program that develops teaching skills in the Academia’s most advanced students.

The five new bands are as follows:

  • Los Rebeldes led by Angel Hernandez Nolasco and Esthefani Santos Polanco, performing “Mi Timidez” by Antony Santos

  • Los Incomparables led by John Marcos and Juan Clause, performing “Nereida” by Raulin Rodriguez

  • Los Elites led by Anthony and Raylin, performing “Que Dolor Tan Grande” by Raulin Rodriguez

  • Los Galacticos led by Levis Martinez and Miguel Rivas, performing “Regresa Amor” by Raulin Rodriguez

  • La Nueva Esperanza, led by Kelvin de Leon, is an elite group of talented youngsters who have also begun training as our next generation of TAs.

Los Rebeldes, Los Elites, Los Galacticos, and Los Incomparables.

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