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Student Spotlight: Esthefani Receives Full Scholarship to Attend Berklee College's Aspire Program

Esthefani Polanco, a talented young Academia percussionist, has joined Berklee College of Music’s Aspire program in Boston MA. Esthefani’s tuition and housing have been provided by a scholarship from AES Dominicana. At Berklee, Esthefani is studying jazz performance, songwriting, music production, and music theory. Over the course of her five weeks with Aspire, Esthefani is also sharing her Dominican music with exceptional young musicians from all over the world.

In this video interview Esthefani reinforces the importance of music studies to her achievement and personal growth:

In this rehearsal video, Esthefany jams with fellow Aspire students from Spain:

You can learn more about Berklee Aspire here.

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